Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS

With the performance benefits you now get from HTTP/2, there has never been a better time to think about moving your site to HTTPS; Not to mention the additional security and the advantages of SEO. Next I'll tell you all about how to migrate your HTTP site to HTTPS.

Why should I redirect HTTP to HTTPS?

As you know (and if you do not know here I tell you), Google is pushing hard to be HTTPS everywhere, so that the web is a safer place. While being safer is always important, there are some additional reasons why you might want to consider switching to HTTPS.

1. Performance and HTTP/2

Content distribution networks and web hosting providers are starting to deploy HTTP/2. In a session at Velocity, Load Impact and Mozilla reported that Internet users can expect Web sites optimized and delivered via HTTP/2 to yield 50-70 percent better than sites via HTTP/1.1. To leverage the performance benefits of HTTP/2, you must run HTTPS due to browser support.

2. SEO and rankings

In 2014, Matt Cutts announced that HTTPS was now a qualifying point to take into account and that over time Google could strengthen this value. So, running HTTPS can help your SEO ratings.

3. Best reference data

A third reason that is good to migrate is because the reference data from HTTPS to HTTP are blocked in Google analytics. So, for example, let's say your Web site is still in HTTP and it was viral on Reddit. As the site runs over HTTPS, the reference data is completely lost and traffic from that site could end up under a direct traffic that is not very useful. But if the reference goes from HTTPS to HTTPS, the reference happens if problems to statistics.

4. Safer

A fourth reason why it's important to run HTTPS is, of course, for Security! For e-commerce sites, the reason you need an SSL certificate is because they process sensitive credit card data. For other sites, the main reason for this is your WordPress login page. If you are not running an HTTPS connection, your user name and password are sent in clear text over the Internet. Many people will argue that blogs and information sites don't need to run on HTTPS, but how important are their logon credentials?

5. SSL builds trust and credibility

A fifth reason SSL is important is due to the building of trust and credibility among its visitors. According to a European survey of GlobalSign, 77% of Web site visitors are concerned about the interception or misuse of their online data. So the 28.9% looks for the green direction bar.
By adding an SSL certificate and displaying the green padlock, this adds instant credibility and what we like to call "SSL Trust." It is important that your visitors know that you are safe and that your information will be protected.



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