Force to Facebook to refresh URL link

Force to Facebook to refresh URL link

The other day when trying to send a link to Facebook: KRACK attack. For some reason, when I hit the link on Facebook, the description of the page and the photo did not appear. I wanted to force Facebook to read my URL again because instead of a nice full input with the image and description, it only showed the link itself. This would not have been very functional because I wanted my image and everything else. I tried to copy the link in several different places, even dealing with a different web browser, but Facebook did not corrected the error in the text or image. Since the link was from my blog, I made some changes to the message in the hope that the changes would activate Facebook to update the link. But there was no luck. I did a lot of research and finally found a suggestion that actually worked.

The Facebook cache

It seems that Facebook caches the links (or a "URL") of the websites that people publish. So if several people publish the same link, the Facebook servers will not have to go to the website to re-extract the information repeatedly. You simply use the cached copy from the first time you pulled the link information. This is probably good in most of the times, as Facebook servers are in this way more efficient and reduce the load on target websites. But if Facebook has a problem reading the right information the first time, this can be very frustrating as Facebook will not pull back the right information for a certain amount of time. (I'm not sure how long Facebook stores the URLs), but when someone is trying to send a new link, it turns into a nightmare. However, I can now present a solution.

Facebook developers, the core of programming

Facebook has a special website for developers who want to write software to interact with Facebook. One of the tools on this website is a "debugger" that allows developers to see how Facebook "visits" a particular website. You may want this link to be saved for future use Https:// By chance, it seems that the tool re-read has the side effect of forcing Facebook to reload any link you put into it. I glued my link in the Debugger tool and then clicked on the Debug button. This brought some technical information that was mostly useless to me, except I saw the picture and description I wanted. I put the link back in a Facebook message and ready! Facebook was uploaded the link as I expected, with image and corrected title and everything!.


Facebook Debugger

Reload URL on Facebook


So you're trying to send a link on Facebook and you don't get the picture or description for some reason, use the debugging tool and the Facebook servers to update the URL you've cached. Hopefully this trick will save you some trouble in the future.



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